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General Info
Do you enjoy multi sport events?

Want to participate in a Biathle event?

Wish to try something new?

Biathle is a continuous Run - Swim - Run event over varied distances and caters for all age groups (Male and female).

Age groups and distances
Youth E (10 and under): 500m - 50m - 500m
Youth D (11-12): 500m - 50m - 500m
Youth C (13-14): 500m - 100m - 500m
Youth B (15-16):1000m - 200m - 1000m
Youth A (17-18):1500m - 200m - 1500m
Juniors (19-21):1500m - 200m - 1500m
Seniors (22 and over):1500m - 200m - 1500m
Masters A (40-49):1000m - 100m - 1000m
Masters B (50-59):1000m - 100m - 1000m
Masters C (60 +): 1000m - 100m - 1000m

Only one age group may be entered!
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Entry Fee
Pre Entry Fee: R170.00 includes T shirt and goodie bag
Late Entries accepted on the day at R200.00

The Competition in open to all athletes. They do not need to be SAMPA registered.

Registration: 09:00
Start: 11:00
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Please forward all queries to Anthony Bradford in the evening on
Tel: 021 788 7536 or
Email: bradfordanthony@absamail.co.za or
Fax: +27 21 788 7536
Additional information on the competition will be forwarded to entered athletes.
SAMPA Athlete Registration for 2006 can also be done via www.entrytime.com
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What is a Biathle Event?

Biathle is a continuous Run - Swim - Run event over varied distances and caters for all age groups (Male and female).

Biathle is the breeding ground for Modern Pentathlon, an Olympic sport that involves 5 disciplines: - shooting, fencing, swimming, horse riding and running. Development Clinics and Talent identification sessions are used to introduce the athletes to Pentathlon as a sport.

The following competitions are part of the International Biathle scene:

1. Biathle World Tour events
An annual Biathle world Tour series of competitions are hosted in South Africa, Italy, Netherlands, England and Cuba. Points are allocated to participants on positions and these are added up and medals are awarded to the best 3 in each age group in the Biathle World Tour series.

2. Biathle World Championships
The annual UIPM Biathle World Championship is held in September of each year. Athletes in the Youth E, D, C and B categories win medals with Best Performance and the Youth A, Junior, Senior and Master athletes (official UIPM age groups) win medals as the World Champions.

3. UIPM Biathle School Challenge (a brand new competition) The UIPM has created a new competition linked to the success of Biathle (continuous run swim run combination). The event consists of two separate disciplines, the swimming and running. The swimming discipline is conducted in a 25m or 50m pool and the running discipline is conducted preferably on a standardized track. The winners are determined by the sum of the two times. (This could from part of a physical education lesson assisting the educator to motivate the learners).

The National Federation will forward the combined times of registered athletes to the UIPM to be included in the worldwide ranking list. The top three athletes in each age group (boy and girl) at the end of each year will receive special medals and the top eight athletes in each age group will receive a special designed T-shirt. The title 'World School Biathle Champion' applies to the first place of athletes in the 15-16 and 17-18 age groups. First place athletes in the other age groups are called 'World School Biathle Winner'.

SAMPA is very active in Biathle and wins many medals .SAMPA selects a Biathle team after the National Championships held in July each year that participates at the UIPM Biathle World Championships.

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Information relating to various accommodation options can be obtained by contacting the Bela Bela Tourism Board on 014 736 3694 or by visiting their website www.belabelatourism.co.za

Come to the South African 2006 Biathle World Tour event and experience Biathle World Tour Fever an African Challenge.
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